Body maps

Translated by Álvaro Torres-Calderón

ISBN: 1940856116
Library of Congress control number: 978194085517
Pandora Lobo Estepario Productions
Chicago, Illinois, United States

ISBN: 9786124701467
Primera edición, Lima, Perú, 2022
El Monitor Ediciones

«Body maps, is a guidebook portraying differnet stages in life, in a woman´s life: Moments of solace, moments of struggle, a constant relection with oneself with an optimistic outcome. I honestly can say that the book moved me and revealed Reátegui´s mastery of describing feelings and images poetically, keeping consistency in the message of encouragement, living intensely, loving with all your heart, forgiving yourself and others, standing at the end of the day and saying “Yo soy”— I´m still here, I am what I amand that makes me authentic and human».

Álvaro Torres-Calderón (Poeta)

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